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Roofing is Our Specialty at Alam B Roofing and Home Improvement

Alam B Roofing and Home Improvement LLC provides quality roofing in Gettysburg, PA, and surrounding areas. Roofing is our specialty. We know homeowners, landlords, and business owners do not think of the roof over their heads most of the time. But when there is a problem with the roof, it can be frustrating and confusing for residents and bosses. Clients in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia, call our roofing team when their roofs leak and collapse. Our roofers perform residential and commercial roofing with energy efficient materials from trusted manufacturers like Owens Corning®. We are highly experienced in repair and replacement of shingled, metal, flat, and rubber roofing. Give us a call in Pennsylvania at (717) 420-2163 or in Maryland at (240) 224-7383 to get a free estimate.

Some of Our Gettysburg-area Roofing Services Include

Residential Roofing
Commercial Roofing
Metal Roofing
Shingled Roof Replacement and Repair

Flat Roofing
Rubber Roofing
Slate Roofing
Hole Patching

Free Estimates
Free Roof Inspection
Durable Products

You Can Trust Us to Properly Install Shingles on Your Roof

The shingle roofers at Alam B Roofing and Home Improvement know how crucial it is to properly install shingles. From installing shingles on a new roof to replacing damaged shingles, no job is too big or too small. Our experienced roofers will do everything correctly in our shingle installment. You can rest assured we will not cut any corners when we install your shingles. You can trust that our shingle installation the roof of your home or business will be done quickly.

Customers Notice a Big Difference Between New and Old Roof

When Alam B Roofing and Home Improvement completes the residential or commercial roofing project, customers are relieved. They are relieved when they see the new roof on their house or business. They are relieved when they notice the big difference between the new and old roof. Our customers are comforted that there is a sturdy, well-built roof above them instead of a failing, leaky roof. Homeowners and business owners will no longer have to keep buckets around to catch the leaking water. You can trust our roofers to use durable to add to the curb appeal of the building.